We recently moved to a new house. The kids decided to share a “sleeping room” and use the living room as a “hang out” room. Most people think this is really unusual but my kids are constantly playing “musical beds” and half the time they end up on a cot in our room or on the couch or … So the room truly is for just sleeping.

Anyway, I was excited about trying to find coordinating duvet covers for a 14 yo, 10 yo, and 6 yo. I loved what we came up with and designed three canvases to pull them all together.

Not sure how long this will work out but for now, the kids love it, too.

I did the calligraphy, scanned it in, designed the backgrounds and sent for printing. Each word represents a kid – “play” for the 6 yo, “surf” as in surf the internet for my 10 yo, and “sleep” for my 14 yo. Best secret in printing canvases – CVS Photo, especially when they do 30% off which is frequently. They come out wonderful, too. See for yourself!