My first American Greetings job

I just completed my first gig for American Greetings. I am thrilled to be doing freelance for one of the top greeting card companies in the world! It was a great learning experience and just this one job has improved my “contemporary” lettering already.

It’s slightly embarrassing to admit my first attempts were less than stellar. But the senior lettering designer was so patient and extremely helpful. His direction was excellent and I was able to accomplish what he was looking for. PHEW!

This is straight lettering – no illustration or card design – so it is done in black and white. Hard to imagine these two lines took me well over a 40 hour work week, 6 nibs, a full jar of McCaffery’s, and two reams of paper! But the practice will certainly help in getting my style up to speed.

So here it is … look for it in a major retailer near you next Father’s Day!

One thought on “My first American Greetings job

  1. Way to go Erica!! Your lettering is terrific, and it was very interesting to read about your process. (And comforting to know those great forms didn’t just jump out of the pen on the first try.)

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