Zenspirations by Joanne Fink

WOW! I had the *best* time yesterday at the workshop put on by Joanne Fink. It was like decorated versals merge with zentangles and more! Joanne’s workshop was called Zenspirations and was it ever!

Joanne is a terrific instructor. She was very organized, had wonderful handouts, and first quality supplies. What I really liked was that she shared so generously with her handouts so that once the workshop was done, you really have a good reference packet to use on your own. The workshop was extremely well layed out – meaning each step was useful and fun and did not waste any time. We got right to creating and I felt I had learned a great deal when the workshop was over and every minute was very well used.

The great thing about Joanne’s Zenspirations is it really takes the idea of zentangles one step further. There are so many ways you can apply what Joanne taught. I was always intrigued with zentangles but hadn’t made the leap yet because I didn’t know what use it would have to me other than a fun time-eater and Lord knows I don’t need anymore of those! 🙂 If you ever have the opportunity to take this workshop with Joanne – DO IT!

We started by learning some basic zentangle like patterns. Then we learned how to apply these to a series of curved lines. Here’s my first go:

We then learned how to apply them to versal like capitals. The fun part is the letters are a series of sketched lines so if you make a mistake, you can correct it with another line. It takes away a lot of the pressure of trying to get perfect letter forms. To me, that is the zen part. You can create without worry! Here’s a “K” which was one of my first letters.

Finally, we learned how to do something playful and apply it to illustrations and add color, etc. This was with a Sakura gel pen.

Can’t wait to play more!

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4 thoughts on “Zenspirations by Joanne Fink

  1. Hi Jane and Lori,
    Thanks for your comments. Jane, I’m posting the enlarged pics so feel free to print them out and share at your guild meeting if you’d like. I would highly recommend Joanne as an instructor. She was fabulous!

    Of course, Maria is my mentor so I’m sure a class with her would be amazing!

    Lori, I am sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet! I have never been to an Orlando meeting. This was my first. I had a great time though and I am sure to be back! I hope we have the chance to meet someday!

  2. hi erica! my friend jane farr told me about your zentangle post! i live in the jacksonville area and am a member of the orlando scribes….and i would have loved being at the workshop this past weekend but the timing didn’t work out for me! i’m so glad that you enjoyed it, and your zentangle examples are wonderful!! have you been at other orlando workshops….i’m wondering if we’ve met before! :))

  3. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing this. The timing is amazing. I was asked over a year ago to do a Zentangle program for our guild’s meeting this month. It will be hard to convey all you can do with “tangles” in such a short time period, but I’m hopeful it will whet everyone’s appetite enough to have Joanne or MariaThomas come for a workshop someday!

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