I was digging through old photographs (well, OK, I was whizzing through old photograph files but that sounds way less nostalgic) and found some old monograms I did. This was during the time my son had autism and life was a complete blur. No offense to any of the brides, but I don’t remember doing most of these!

We were sleeping about 2 hours per night, I was trying to run my social stationery business, take care of two kids, and cure my son of autism. Sleep was low on the totem pole of priority. There were literally some nights I was falling asleep at my drafting table with a dip pen in my hand! (Don’t try this at home – it does nothing for the nibs!)

Anyway, I was surpised at what I had accomplished in my sleep deprived state. I miss doing monograms. Maybe I should start doing them again… 🙂

Think I went a little flourish crazy here:
Like this one. I’m sorry to say I have no idea who it was for or when I did it.
A calligrapher’s dream when the initials are M and W! 🙂 I did another version I liked even better that was just the M & W … can’t find it!
Poor Linda … run for the hills – take cover from all that flourish!
For my own personal monogram … still haven’t decided which one.
E, how do I love thee…let me count the ways!
Last one … I so hope she went with the less flourished one.
Hope you enjoyed seeing them for the first time. I feel like I did as well! It’s all a blur! Kiss your babies before tomorrow is yesterday and you can’t remember what happened!