Folded Soda Can Pen

Done with folded "soda can" pen by Ann Pasquier

Done with folded “soda can” pen by Ann Pasquier

I taught a workshop last year for our guild that was really fun. Everyone had wanted to “get around to” making one of those folded pens out of a soda can but had never found the time. So I did a little investigative work and came up with a handout. I decided to use little metal sheets you can find at Home Depot or Lowes since we don’t drink soda and didn’t have any cans around the house. Also, I read soda cans have become much thinner in recent years and may not make the best pen. However, you can still cut these out of soda cans if you prefer.

The little squares of metal were the perfect weight and made great pens! I was so surprised at how successful they were and I think the class was as well. We did calendars as a project after making our pens.

Click here to download PDF: folded soda pen

Let me know if you make one! Enjoy!

homemade "sodacan" penaluminum flashing for homemade pen







7 thoughts on “Folded Soda Can Pen

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  2. Dear Erica – I am intrigued. I’m a teacher and have been making folded pens for a long time. I, too, found soda cans too thin. So I sometimes use juice cans, which are a little heftier. But I’m curious about the metal pieces you found at Home Depot or Lowes. What are they called and where do you find them?
    Thanks for your lovely instruction sheet.
    Best, Carrie Imai
    Los Angeles, CA

    • Hi Carrie,
      I updated the post to include a photograph of my pen next to one I purchased. I also included a photo of the aluminum flashing. If memory serves it was around $5 and I had *plenty*. I love your “Dancin’ Pen” book and I recommended it as a resource during the class. I was really pleased with how resilient the pens were. The only difficulty one person had was in cutting the tiny snip just a bit too much it caused her “nib” to bend backwards. But other than that, they worked fabulously. I have used mine again and again and it hasn’t worn out yet! 🙂

      Thank you for your kind comment! 🙂

  3. Hi Erica,
    We have used old litho plates from printers. They are very strong. I also have made a handout that is a little more cutting but is much stronger. I’ll look for you at Letters and share mine with you. I also used inexpensive round chopsticks from the Dollar store. I am giving a workshop in San Francisco at SCRAP-SF in March, making and using this pen. I have taught it at ArtSeed too.

    • Thank you Dorothy! I have heard of the old litho plates. Sounds strong! I love the chopstick idea! Thank you for sharing!

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