Today is October 6th, the first weekend in October. Know what that means? That’s right – it’s time to start planning your holiday gift giving and start shopping! Every year I do a handmade gift for the loved ones on my giving list. Last year, I made homemade vanilla extract. Oh – the smell was delightful and it was soooo easy. This was a great, easy gift which everyone loved. Even my father-in-law, who doesn’t bake much, said he was going to enjoy the vanilla flavored vodka!

vanilla extract label at paperwhitestudio.comNaturally, I made the labels to go with it. I designed the bottle label and then the tag to tell people when it was ready to use. I am sharing the label in case anyone would like to make their own. I used something called Pearl Vodka but I changed the label to just read vodka.

I used madagascar beans. You just run a knife down the center of the bean so it is spliced open releasing the aroma and some of the guts. Place 2-3 in the bottle and then fill with vodka. So easy! Surprisingly inexpensive for multiple gifts and great vanilla extract! Great presentation!


vanilla beans:



These made great teacher gifts, too.

The label is below. Right click and “save image as” to copy to your computer.

Gift giving preparations have begun! CHECK!









vanilla label @