I had a request to create a flourished banner for our guild’s newsletter. Since I was unable to attend IAMPETH this summer, I missed Heather Held’s flourishing class (much to my dismay!) and I have never done any kind of off-hand flourishing other than flourished lettering.

I was tempted to say I can’t. Lately it seems I can’t do calligraphy all that well. (And in my head I hear my husband saying, “Can’t lives on Won’t Street. 🙂 It must be lack of practice but some days it just feels like the paper is too scratchy, the nibs all skip, and the ink constantly bleeds. Nothing seems to flow. When this happens, I think the best thing to do is get back down to fundamentals. So I thought I would teach myself how to do the flourishing. Why not try, now is as good a time as any, right?!

So I dug out my binder with Heather’s instructions and pulled out my Ames Compendium and had a go as they say. It was *really* fun! It’s as addicting as zentangle that is for sure. They are very much the same process. You continue to build on the design using different patterns.

This is my first attempt so no laughing. Everyone has to start somewhere! Hopefully a year from now I’ll be sharing some better attempts! 🙂

P.S. This was done with McCaffrey’s black and a Nikko G nib on copy paper, scanned and then reversed. Also, I borrowed the banner design from Ames’ Compendium and then wung the rest. I can see some gaps now where I could have filled in more. But I reached a point where I was fearful to screw it up!