Zentangle – Zenspirations Silk Ornaments and Zentangle Sneakers!

Phew – it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I haven’t had much time to do much of anything. I make 8 to 10 chauffeur trips per day – drop off first 2 kids, then come home, drop off 3rd kid, then come home, pick up 3rd kid, then come home, pick up kid, come home, pick up kid at sports, come home. It’s never ending! I figured out I spend 3 hours per day in the car. But next fall all three will be in school full time and I’ll have 6 whole hours per day!

I’m working on a few greeting cards for Sunrise which I will post when I’m done. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share the fun stuff I did yesterday.

My 12 year old daughter and I were working on homemade birthday gifts for her friend and I thought it was about time I combined the silk painting classes and zentangle/zenspiration classes together and make a zenspiration silk painting! I wasn’t really prepared so the letters aren’t all that well executed and I am out of practice on using the gutta paint tubes but I was so happy with this process! I cannot wait to make more. I know what I’ll be doing for Christmas this year! And my daughter loved it so that was cool. I was bummed I only had time to make a couple. But stay tuned because I am sure I will be perfecting some letters and creating more of these.

Final zentangle ornament:

Close up:
Unfinished but ready for ribbon and beads:

The other fun thing I did this weekend was create my new zentangle sneakers! This was a trial run so I used cheap sneaks. But it was sooo fun! And I loved the results. Except I will need to get a new, brighter white paint pen. This one was old and faded. But I’ll definitely be making another pair – if anything because my 12 year old wants a pair of zentangled converse!

Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them! Until next time ….

7 thoughts on “Zentangle – Zenspirations Silk Ornaments and Zentangle Sneakers!

  1. Hi All, Thanks for the great comments about the zentangle sneakers. Marie, I *love* your black on white sneaks! I’m going to try that next – really makes it pop.

    Marjorie, zentangles were “invented” by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. However, the idea of “doodling” has been around forever. Bert Dodson has a section dedicated to creative doodling in his book “Keys to Drawing with Imagination” which resembles zentangles just not in the little square format.

    Karen, I used a white opaque fabric paint marker. But it was old and worn out so it wasn’t so bright.

    Jane and Renee – thanks! 🙂

  2. Terrific pieces Erica! You’ve taken the Zentangle to a new dimension. I love what you’ve done with your letters. They will make great gifts.

  3. I love your Zentagle work! Found you through Julie’s blog. I just read the other day who “invented” the Zentangle andnow I can’t quite remember-

  4. I found you from Martha Lever’s blog. We must be on the same wave length. Here is a link to my zentangled sneakers.
    www dot grandmas-dyeing-pursuits.blogspot dot com
    I love your black ones, and you’ve done a wonderful job. Aren’t they so much fun?

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